The ultimate eco-friendly urban pet.

That’s right, we’re talking about rabbits. Here’s why:

1. They eat hay. The meat industry produces more greenhouse gasses than all the gas-guzzling SUVs in the world. If you want to keep your cat or dog properly nourished, please, feed them pet food with meat in it. Bunnies, however, are 100% vegan – no guilt, no cows, and sea levels stay where they are just slightly longer.

2. Compost. Sure, if you live an apartment building, you’re probably not growing tomatoes (at least not very well,) but there are urban growing plots and back-yard farm communities in almost every city, where bunny poo and leftover hay would be a much-appreciated contribution. Plus, the new plants absorb carbon, and provide you with food, sans pesticides, salmonella, pollution, and expensive cross-country transportation.

3. No walks! No matter how disgusting your sidewalks are, your dog still needs to get their cute little paws all over them – twice a day. I don’t know what goes on in your urban neighborhood, but in mine…. uuhg. Point being, your bunny stays clean and saves you from dealing with the local riff-raff.

4. Bunnies are the ultimate small-space survivors. Of course, no one wants to be cooped up in a tiny pen, and at SaveABunny we always want our rabbits to have free run at their adopted homes, but even if you live in a one-room studio where you watch TV from your bed and eat breakfast at your desk, if the place fits you, it’ll fit your bunny, too. Seriously- they evolved for tunnels.

5. Impress your friends and confuse your landlord! Cats and dogs require big extra deposits, but rabbits tend to fall in the “small pets” category, and if you work it right, you can save yourself some moolah. Plus, you’ve got an instant ice breaker – sure cats and dogs are cute, but they’re not gona provide any conversation fodder beyond, “Oooh, she’s so cute, what’s her name?” Bunnies, on the other hand, are an urban enigma – no one knows much about them, and what they do know, you can pretty much contradict all night long.

So, there you have it, bunnies are the best pet you could possibly have if you’re an adult living in a city and you care at all about the fate of the world. Plus -

they’re really cute!

(This is Alvin. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to give him a little eco-friendly rub behind the ears!)

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4 Responses to “The ultimate eco-friendly urban pet.”

  1. misa Says:

    “Seriously- they evolved for tunnels.” — hehehe indeed! It’s adorable when they crawl…

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