5 things you can do with your rabbit instead of giving him back

With the holidays coming up, people are getting their travel plans together, and realizing – “Hey! What am I supposed to do with this rabbit while I’m gone??” Unfortunately this train of thought often leads people to simply return the rabbits to wherever they got them from. Like SaveABunny, for instance. This sucks for us because we don’t have a lot of space, and it sucks for the rabbit because he’s losing his home, his family, and everything he’s gotten used to and started caring about since he was adopted. And it especially sucks for the rabbits that we now can’t take in because we don’t have the space anymore.

So, in an effort to get you or someone you know thinking twice before returning a rabbit (or any pet, really,) here’s some alternatives:

1. Boarding. We offer boarding at SaveABunny. We have a lot of excellent resources on hand to spoil your bunny with while you’re away and all the funds go straight back into saving other bunnies. Learn more about our boarding services here. There are other pet boarding options out there, too, all you have to do is look.

2. Pet-sitting. My boyfriend and I have 2 cats and 2 rabbits, and we’re leaving them in the competent hands of Tales of the Kitty for ten days in January while we’re out of the country. The Bay Area is teeming with pet sitters, and many SaveABunny volunteers either offer a rabbit-sitting service themselves, or know someone who does. Send us an email if you’re curious. If you happen to offer pet-sitting, feel free to leave a post in the comments section so other readers can contact you.

3. Asking a friend. I know how hard this is for some people. No one wants to impose on their friends. But when the choice is asking a friend or giving up the rabbit, just take a second to remember that the space that rabbit takes up in the shelter could easily cost another rabbit her life if we don’t have room for her. Suck it up and ask around – you will probably be surprised about how eager a good friend will be to check in on your adorable bunny rabbit for a few days. Just make sure they know the basics and have the vet’s phone number on hand just in case.

4. Taking him with you. I’ll be honest, most rabbits hate traveling, and if you’re not careful, it can be dangerous for them. But that’s not an excuse to just give him back instead. How bad would it be if you brought an adorable fuzzy bunny home for the holidays? Who could possibly complain about that?

5. Not getting a pet in the first place. When you adopt an animal, you assume responsibility for it’s care. Until it dies. Please think carefully about this before adopting any pet from anyone, ever. If you have doubts about your ability to give a rabbit long-term care, you can donate, foster, volunteer, or sponsor a rabbit instead.

Thanks for listening, and if you do have it in you to foster or adopt this holiday season, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Spanky are just three of our adorable new rabbits that desperately need a home:

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9 Responses to “5 things you can do with your rabbit instead of giving him back”

  1. Kate Hays Says:

    Absolutely marvelous, practical recommendations. Sometimes, people just “can’t see the forest for the trees” — and don’t see that the solution is often ‘WAY less convoluted that making excuses for dumping their bunny.

  2. The Bunns Says:

    Great ideas! WE prefer that the people don’t leave!!!! We had a bunny sitter once – they never came back.

  3. Andrea Says:

    I was reading about how you stated bunnies hate to travel, and how people actally feel the need to resort to giving their bunnies back so they can take a trip, what about contacting those if us who have been to your amazingly blessed home and met and adopted such a beautyful amamzing animal. and contact those of us who have adopted and maybe cordinate something like “time share” and say those of us in one closer area would volenteer to house/carefor your bunny while you travel and then treade for when you need to travel. I would be willing to sit for a bunny rather than see it returned while the owner travels if they are in my county at least. =0) just a thought. It’s just sad to know after meeting such amazingly lovable little creatures that have had such a rough start to see it happen again is even worse.

  4. Thea Kinyon Says:

    Andrea – that’s a great idea. I would love to see some kind of rabbit-share network set up.

  5. ked Says:

    I had a wonderful lady rex rabbit named Rachel for six years, We traveled all over with her. We always left the AC on if we had to leave her in the car. She did well in motels – we used to let her out of the cage and run around in the bathroom for a while. She didn’t seem to mind it and got a lot of attention from the kids in the car that she didn’t get at home. We did have a big van with room for a pretty good sized cage, so she wasn’t cramped up.
    Miss her lots. Wish I was closer to you folks, because I surely would adopt one of your little charmers. She looked a lot like one of your rabbits that you have up for adoption – Buckwheat.

  6. Amie Says:

    I couldn’t imagine anything worse than giving up my two rabbits to go on holiday. Or giving my rabbits up at all. Surely people would realise there are better options than that?

  7. I luv tanay Says:

    Where do I adopt , a bunny , tanay?

  8. Amanda Says:

    I brought my little Ben across the country when I moved to SF from NY two years ago – because I just couldn’t leave him behind! When I got here, I could not find a place that would accept animals! I contacted shelters and almost gave him away but I just couldn’t do it, it was devastating. But guess what? Bunnies make the best contraband because they are super quiet, clean and run and hide when they hear a commotion! So here we are two years later, same apartment, no problems. And friends never mind watching him because he is such a sweet boy! I am not encouraging people to break rules…I am just telling our story ;)

    ps I would love to help people in SF by bun-sitting, as long as I am checking on/ visiting with them in your home ( no more room here!).

  9. sad girl Says:

    hey i came on this site so someone who is on to give me advice to save my bunny right now i dont no what happen to her but who ever is on plz help

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