How to buy stuff you’re already buying anyway and save bunnies while you do it.

I shop online. You shop online. Everyone except my grandma shops online, and that’s about to change now that she finally got her internet working. Americans spend millions and millions and millions of dollars online – so how awesome would it be if even a small percentage of that massive pile of consumer money could go to the organization of your choice, without costing you anything?

It would pretty frickin’ awesome. That’s why we got all excited when we learned about iGive. Over 700 companies have teamed up with them to donate a percentage of your online purchases to whatever organization you like. It sounds crazy but it actually makes sense for the companies – by having you shop through iGive (which is really simple – see the entire merchant list here), not only do they cleverly associate themselves with your favorite cause, making you more inclined to shop there, but they also don’t have to pay for the advertising they’re getting until a purchase has already been made – giving them a huge return on investment. (Sorry, I’m a total advertising geek. Didn’t mean to make you fall asleep there.) Anyways, it’s genius. And SaveABunny is one of the organizations you can have them donate to.

I signed up on my lunch break a couple weeks ago and realized I could make almost ALL of my online purchases through them. Clinique and Origins are on the list. Blick Art Materials is on the list. Gardens Alive gives a pretty significant 6%. When I buy a new MacBook through iGive this fall, SaveABunny will get about ten bucks. Adobe is on the list – imagine 3.2% of the cost of your entire office upgrading to Creative Suite 4 going to SaveABunny. That could save a lot of bunnies.

So, in conclusion, check out iGive. The bunnies will thank you for it. In their own way. By being cute.

(That’s Josette. Isn’t she totally adoptably cute?)

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