Come fly with me. Away from the litterbox.

(Just to let you know in advance, this post is about poo. And flies.)

You know how a cat box will sometimes attract those big fat houseflies that love eating cat poo? Yummy. Anyway, rabbit boxes will sometimes attract cute little fruit flies, because rabbits are cute little vegetarians and have cute little poo. (What, they do.) Of course, fruit flies are still annoying and probably bad for the rabbits to be around, so here’s a rabbit- and environment-safe way to get rid of them:

“At the Oakland shelter, we have used fly traps near the litterboxes (but out
of rabbits’ reach) to control the fruit fly population in the rabbit room.

Here’s a recipe for a very easy, non-toxic fruit fly trap that works (this
is what we use at the shelter):

- 1/4 cup of. Vinegar
- 1/4 cup of Sugar
- Water

Put first 2 ingredients in and put enough water in a jar to make it about
1/2 full and punch a couple holes in the lid.

Let us know if it works for you!”

Extra thanks to our volunteer Anne Martin for the great advice!

Other suggestions included replacing the whole bag of litter, and making sure there’s no composting vegetable matter laying around in house that they could be laying their eggs in. (We all know it happens.)

And to make up for ickyness, here’s Itsy and Bitsy:

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  1. barrie Says:

    I used to have parrots who eat a lot of fruit which attracts a lot of fruit flies of course and the easiest, safest and best solution I found was to make sure ALL the little pieces of fruit and bird doo were gone from the environment then fix a cup with vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar and once they dive in the soap traps them. Even better if you can keep the solution warming overnight to catch them. I put a glass measuring cup on top of my oven with it set to a very, very low temperature. I had a major fruit fly infestation from the birds a couple of years ago and was able to totally decimate the fruit fly population in one night.

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