Bunnies. Don’t eat them. Just… don’t.

It goes without saying that SaveABunny does not condone the consumption of bunnies. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to, you know, save them.

So when we see rabbit on the menu at local restaurants, our knee-jerk reaction is to grab the waiter by the apron and cry at him, “How could you??? THEY’RE BUNNIES FOR CHRIST SAKE! BUNNIES!!!” Fortunately we’re able to contain ourselves (most of the time), but unfortunately for those restaurants, we have a blog with which to let out all that pent-up frustration.

Before I go naming names, I’m going to back up a little and try to give this issue a fair analysis. Because it’s not just one or two restaurants – it’s a growing trend. And it’s restaurants we used to like, serving people who care about the same things we do. (Except apparently bunnies.) So what’s the deal?

A report was released by the UN a couple years ago about¬† how the livestock industry is a larger factor in global warming than transportation. That’s right – you might drive a Prius and carry canvas bags with you to Whole Foods, but if you’re still eating steak, we get to blame you when Florida disappears. (Or was it thank you?)¬† Now if you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s not because I’m making it up – it’s because no one cares. The agriculture industry is in the pockets of every politician between Fresno and – well, anyway, I’m not here to rant. I’m here to talk about bunnies. My point is, it’s the high-end, organic, local-produce-touting restaurants that are serving rabbit – because it’s more eco-friendly than beef. Which sucks because we liked the high-end, organic, local-produce-touting restaurants. I mean come on, we’re based in Marin.

I can’t really argue with their reasoning – I’ve mentioned how eco-friendly rabbits are before. I might even be flattered that I somehow influenced their decision – if they weren’t TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT AND KILLING THEM INSTEAD OF LOVING THEM.

What I can do is say this, to all of you who might go to these restaurants or work in them or even own them:

1. “Meat rabbits” are not somehow different than pet rabbits. Many of the rabbits we rescue were bred and raised for meat, and they are loving, affectionate, intelligent creatures who make wonderful pets.

2. “Eco-friendly” does not mean cruelty-free. The rabbits raised for meat at these restaurants spend their lives in tiny cages, live short, unstimulating lives, and simply get culled when they get sick. They never get to run free, hop in the grass, stretch out in the sun, dig a hole, chew up a phonebook, do binkies on a fluffy bedspread, have their ears groomed by another bunny, or grow old. They’re born, they spend some time in a cage, and then they die. That’s it.

3. Rabbits are intelligent, social animals, who live ten years or more. They learn tricks, have unique personalities, and form lasting bonds with each other, with humans, and with other pets.

4. The real eco-friendly option is to not eat meat at all. As illustrated by the UN report on agriculture that I mentioned earlier.

On that note, the restaurants we no longer go to because they serve bunnies can be found here.

If you know of any others, send ‘em over.

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4 Responses to “Bunnies. Don’t eat them. Just… don’t.”

  1. kisekileia Says:

    Hey, as much as I love bunnies and refuse to eat creatures I love, I want to point out that vegetarianism is not a medically viable option for everyone. I have peanut, nut, and soy allergies, as well as other medical issues that affect my ability to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, so there is basically no overlap between what I can eat and what vegetarians eat except for dairy and eggs. I think vegetarianism is great, but it’s not something everyone can do, and I don’t think we should vilify those who simply can’t do it.

  2. kisekileia Says:

    *Sorry, dairy, eggs, grains, chocolate, and a few fruit/vegetable items. That’s the whole list. Still no whole proteins in there.

  3. Paula Says:

    One whole protein that might work for you is quinoa. It looks a lot like couscous, but is actually a seed, not a grain, and is a fast-cooking, complete protein. Trader Joe’s sells boxes of organic quinoa.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Le Chalet in San Rafael also has rabbit on the menu. Thought you might want to add it to your list.

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