Rabbit cover letter.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you might remember that I (Thea Kinyon, SaveABunny Blogger) randomly moved to New Mexico last year and have been blogging long-distance ever since. It’s been… let’s see, how do I put this… dry, sun-burn-y and creatively sapping a valuable experience. But I’m finally moving back to San Francisco in about three weeks and despite (or because of? I do love a challenge) the utter lack of any kind of job throughout the entire state of California, I’ve been trying to brush up on my cover-letter-writing skills.

While banging the keyboard with my head and cursing the inventors of jargon, my little bunny rabbit Linda Maureen handed me a copy of her own cover letter for inspiration. Apparently this is one of the many ways she keeps herself entertained while I’m at work. Maybe it’ll inspire you, too – I know there’s a lot of us out there right now wishing we could get paid to just save bunnies all day.

To whom it may concern,

Hi! I’m Linda. As a Junior Bunny Rabbit, I have spent the first year of my career eating hay, pooping, and chewing on every kind of media. My creative specialties include the even distribution of hay throughout an entire room, the literal ingestion of entire published works, from dictionaries to rare first-edition literature, and the strategic planning and development of holes in any kind of floor covering, no matter how expensive. I work efficiently both alone and in a team, and have completed many successful projects alongside a mid-level rabbit, with whom I share responsibility and management of the litter box department.
I’m currently seeking a larger living room with adequate traction for running, playing, jumping, and expanding my personal knowledge of binkying. The position would preferably be in the Bay Area. Thanks!

Linda Maureen Francisco
Junior Bunny Rabbit

Linda Maureen Francisco, copyright Gary Boodhoo 2009


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  1. Paula Says:

    Hi Thea,

    I love Linda’s cover letter. She sounds very capable and goal-oriented, on her way to becoming a Chief Rabbit! Good luck to both of you in your job searches.

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