Food, wine and bunnies: the 1st ever SaveABunny Get-Together

Last Monday was the first-ever SaveABunny get-together, hosted, organized, and 100% possible  thanks to Marcy. There was wine, vegetarian food (omg that lentil loaf should be called lentil heaven. I was amazed,) and of course all the SaveABunny bunnies were there. We hung out, talked about SaveABunny goings-on, ate some strawberries, learned about grooming bunnies, ate some carrot cake, talked some more, and squeezed in another helping of lentil loaf.

Bunnies got attention, wine got imbibed, and in short a great time was had by almost everyone. Here’s some pictures from the event:

Marcy even squeezed in some cuddling between handing out glasses of wine and collecting addresses:

And of course, the bunnies enjoyed some yummy food, too:

It was a fun night! We learned a ton and met some new people. Hope you can make it next time!

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